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USB Drive: Vol. 1

TiltAdmin on October 24, 2012 - 12:58 am in Uncategorized

This made for the Club, Electro House style track can make a good night even more special. Astronomar using elements from dutch house- moombahton style synths, and a house beat. You also can pick up on all the oriental style elements in the track. Great stuff.

So A-Trak really loves his Trap and supports it every chance he gets. So it made Sense that JWLS would make a trap edit of A-Trak’s classic tune like the dancefloor. It is well done and feels like a brand new song.

A-Trak needs to check out this real gold here! Moombahton and Trap Producer with a hint of that Mexican hood shit. This track can work in the club or in the streets. Bass Heavy, Perfect call and response, and awesome Trap Percussions.

Bonus Tracks: Remixes and Edits we need in our lives.

One of my favorite Remix’s of the Skrillex and Damian Marley Track “Bun Dem”

We all love the love music from The XX, but this moombah edit makes it much more romantic and special. Get in touch with your inner Soul.


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