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USB Drive Vol.2

TiltAdmin on October 31, 2012 - 3:24 am in Uncategorized

Time for Some fresh new tunes! Enjoy these bad boys!

New Pretty Lights music. Something fresh and very cinematic in style. Even some Vocal raps in the track. New take on dance music.

To slow it down a bit, we got an old school house track for you. If you don’t love it, then you dont have a heart. Smooth grooves and catchy percussions. classic old school vocals just complete it!

This is an interesting way to do a trap song. Very minimal and dragged. Tory y Moi influences have been noticed and turned into their own way. love this music.

This Zimmer Remix is beautiful. Very nu disco, and classic house vibes. It’s a new trend of disco-house music making waves with many artists. The format is very pop disco. Let’s see how the sound continues to progress over time.


This trap bubblin is interesting. You feel the influences of Moombahton, but of course you would feel those elements, since 2DEEP are leaders of the Moombah movement in Los Angeles. Smooth synth samples and fresh kicks. Adding to my set and so should you!


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