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Fresh Fridays

TiltAdmin on November 9, 2012 - 7:28 pm in Uncategorized

This time were bringing some mellow Bass Sounds for you. Enjoy the music and continue to come back for more great tunes.

This track is a Drag House style track. Deep House style synths, with minimal percussions that just make it sound right, vocals chopped and screwed, and then a fast kick to complete it all.

Neo Fresco always releases A level tracks. This track lives up to the expectations of recent rise to prominence. A trap percussion track that uses synths typical in techno or dubstep. A heavy Bass remix worth checking out.

Bass House with a drag feel. It’s a great track to groove too and expect many more pieces from Kastle soon from his upcoming Album.

A familiar sample, a slowed Trap Tune. Heartbreak always brings his soulful background and its prevalent in his latest track.

Italian Duo Ackeejuice Rockers do it again and share their version of a trapped out Now u realize. Perfect percussions, intelligent sampling, and a great remix. Add to your collection!

Lately i have been a big fan of Carling Ruse. She creates amazing tunes and remixes, and this is just as great. She knows how to add a girl touch to trap and its smooth and a fresh breath of air. Keep an eye on this one.

Personal friends of the Blog, Planet Rock a local Los Angeles trio never dissapoints. This Prodigy Remix goes off hard as FVCK! The mixing of the track, to the hi hats, all placed and mastered perfectly. Quality Remix and energetic track to set a crowd off going nuts!

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