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Moullinex – Flora // Take My Pain Away Single & Official Music Video

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 Moullinex has come out with his full length debut album FLORA! (Purchase it HERE!) out now on GOMMA! This Disco master totally came out guns blazing with adding tracks like his classic hit Sunflare to the album! Don’t fear, the rest of the album has FRESH new funky, disco tracks that you will all love. These are high quality tracks with huge synths and crispy percussion that only Moullinex could pull off! Put on your Discobelle high heels or your Space Disco boots on and get ready to feel the grooves move through your body. With these kinds of songs who needs drugs to get this kind of a body high. Let the music move you and sing along! FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW!

From Moullinex’ upcoming debut album – here the first single release, TAKE MY PAIN AWAY.
An arpeggio bass hard disco tune with a child choir singing the most catchy line you might have heard for years. This is a THE bomb. Remixes are due out soon by Gigamesh (Kitsune), Strip Steve (Boys Noize), Rory Phillips(Phantasy) and DJ Steef (Toy Tonics).

We wanted to give you all a few more off the album which we thought were prime tracks that will get that dance floor moving! We can not even begin to tell you how important this album is to the Disco scene worldwide. This is how a solid Disco album should be made. With groovy melodic synths that know when to get vintage or spacey from time to time, heavy crispy beats, Sexy vocals when needed, and solid progression throughout the song. Not just a boring beat and disco samples from the 70’s. This is all original, all fine tuned and done with professional precision! Class dismissed! Here is how it’s done!

After that amazing tune, I guess if you need to use a sample, this is how it should be done!

And that there friends is how its done. Be sure to show Moullinex some love on his FACEBOOK HERE! Also be sure to give Gomma some love HERE! As the remixes come out we will be sure to drop it all on you guys! You have our word!


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