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New Music Bird Peterson // Minnesota // Viceroy

TiltAdmin on November 14, 2012 - 10:01 pm in Uncategorized

Sooo party people, how goes it? Me doing a TILT post has become a rare occasion now days… But, I thought I would lay some new music on you that is so unbelievably electrifying it’s almost unreal. Sorry for the genres being all over the map, but a little bit of variety is always refreshing.

Let me start off the set with the Bird Peterson remix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pool’s.” I think Bird Peterson has just moved to the number one spot on my “must see live” list. Teenage Riot and Mad Decent are lucky to have this guy signed.

I may have to take back my previous statement, or at least rephrase it. I think there is a tie for the number one spot on my “must see live” list. I’ve always been a huge fan of Minnesota, so it’s no surprise that I am absolutely obsessed with his new track “To The Floor.” It is the first song to be released off his new EP “Altered States.” “To The Floor” will be available for free download along with the rest of the EP which will be available November 23rd. Minnesota will be playing at the El Rey in Los Angeles. Buy your tickets here!!!! His music is FREE so support the guy. If anyone deserves it, he does! He won’t only be in LA. He might be performing in a city near you so be sure to check his other tour dates by clicking this link–> TOUR DATES!

“I choose to be electric, like the pulsing of your heartbeat…”

Speaking of heartbeats, I think I just skipped a couple. Holy fuck… Big things coming from Viceroy. I just can’t seem to get enough of this. “While We’re In Love” featuring Ghost Beach is one of those songs that you’ll listen to for hours on repeat and never notice because it’s THAT GOOD. There’s such a tingly and warm feel good vibe that I can’t help but absorb from this track. If it were summer I would be on my way to the beach blasting this the whole way there… You know what, who needs summer? Let’s take a drive down the coast on a cold fall evening. We’ll gaze at the stars while the wind blows through our hair. Special thanks to Viceroy and Ghost Beach for this one!

Alexandra 🙂

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