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USB Drive Vol. 3

TiltAdmin on November 9, 2012 - 6:46 pm in Uncategorized

This edition we feature some awesome Bass and House Tunes. Perfect for your Music collection or DJ arsenal of tunes.

Carling Ruse has been delivering some awesome tunes lately. She focuses on Drag sounding synths, Chopped Vocals, and 808 trap sounding percussions.

Thorny Ritz is at it again. Producing some Disco Glitch House that we will all love. Sounds a bit more like Daft Punk and its an awesome track to have. Get Funky!

This orchestral trap track goes hard in the paint. Bringing to surface gritty and eerie sounds similar to Lex Luger. Amazing orchestral elements, consistent 808 percussions, and some chopped vocals.

If you like to groove by the beach or for that ride to the store. This is for you.  Very tropical and a beautiful melody.

Some classic house style sounds. This is a must for the House purist. Transports you to an earlier period of house, with elements of electro sounds.


A remix to Around the World, mixed with Trap. Typical of a rave trap style sound you would here coming out from camps like Flosstradamus and others.

A more soul and R&B trapped out bootleg of a classic soul track. Trap Soul will be the next big thing to come up. Expect more from the UK sphere of influence.

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