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USB Drive Vol. 5

TiltAdmin on November 29, 2012 - 4:11 am in Uncategorized
This Volume of USB Drive, We feature, house, moombahton, footwork, and some 80’s electro. We try to keep it diverse here, and hope you find a track you love in a genre you don’t normally listen to.

Carte Blanche made this amazing remix of label mate Uffie. This track is just so funky and gives new life to this track.

This track is hard. All the makings of a great song. The beats have solid flow, the bass synth compliments the melody well. The sample are intricately place. Enjoy!

If you dig those Disco house vibes. Then you will enjoy this track. If you ever wanted to escape to Mexico, then you will also sympathize with this amazing house track.

This is a transpor song that takes you back to the 80’s. The song is so dreamy. It belongs in a move from the 80’s where the main character accomplishes a big obstacle in the film.

This track features Moombahton. Dutch Synths, Dembow kicks, and excellent call and response. Moombah Madness all mixed up in this track.


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