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TiltAdmin on December 4, 2012 - 3:53 am in Uncategorized

ALFA Tonite at Bardot Hollywood!

Looking for something new? Try Alfa!  He’s cool guy, rocks a cool stache, and best of all rocks a cool set!  He’s a vinyl junkie born and raised in our very own Los Angeles.  He’s been mixing records since he was 18 and gained more music skills at the one and only LA recording school.  He may seem like just a dj with a mustache, but he’s actually got some raw talent, he can play just about any instrument.  Knowing how to play all of these instruments has allowed him to layout some unique remixes and original funky, electro beats.  He can create an entire funky electro band on his own and blow your mind with his colorful music.  In fact check out his show tonite at Bardot Hollywood and his DCUP remix of I’m Corrupt!  Totally worth studying his music on a school night.

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