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Blasted: Certified TRVP

TiltAdmin on December 17, 2012 - 9:22 am in Uncategorized
Trap music has really taken a hold of the EDM scene. There is no doubting it’s presence and throughout the major cities on Earth, Collectives have sprung up to showcase the rising Trap music scene. Blasted Events have begun to host a monthly to showcase this sound and they have been really hitting the scene hard with the best Trap talent in America and Canada. This Month they feature amazing Trap upstarts Klever, Trapzillas, LeDoom, HPNTK, 40 Ounce, and Black Magic. This is all being hosted by Whiskey Pete and his Switchblade Records. Now you tell me this ain’t Real Trap Shit? If you needed any more reason why you should check this out, then watch this Video and check these tunes out. If you want more info on the event then click [HERE]


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