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Fresh Friday

TiltAdmin on December 14, 2012 - 10:26 am in Uncategorized
Fresh Friday Ft. Trap and Dubstep

This is my feature music review article, where i will showcase all of the freshest beats. Ranging from Dubstep, House, Drum n’ Bass, and Electro. We’ll try to show you the best of underground scene and the freshest tracks to rock on your music device or for your DJ set. So stay fresh my friends.

 This first track is by my Los Angeles natives Gladiator. They started out pushing moombahton, but have quickly made a name in the Trap music scene. This track is what we would expect from the duo, and its very melodic trap. You can hear hints of drum and bass and its worth the addition into your playlist.

0sm has been making a name for themselves in the EDM scene with their Dubstep sub-genre called Pwnstep. The tracks are heavy and vocals are beautiful. They are truly the artists to watch out for in 2013.

Alesia has teamed up with Strange Fruit to produce this heavy synth track that you would expect to hear in Tron legacy movie. The melodic poly-rhythms are just so hard and build up to make such a well produced track.

A-Trak and Flosstradamus have collaborated on this Trapped out remix of piss test. Heavy hardstyle synths, amazing trap percussions, and sick vocals make this a mandatory addition to your Trap or Dubstep playlist.

DJ Sliink has really been on his remix game and this track is just showcasing his creative ability to break out of typical Trap sound and make a well done track. You cant help but start doing the “cooking” dance.

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