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USB Drive: Ignant Edition

TiltAdmin on December 8, 2012 - 7:16 am in Uncategorized
It’s time to get ratchet. This edition be that weekly round up. Ignant edition! We got the best of ghetto booty music, and that twerk team ish for you tonight!

We getting turnt with this track sampling vocals from Beyonce. Time to turnt up!

The homie Mike G. Be bout dat life. Giving us this twerktacious song for the local twerk team to pop, lock, and drop it too.

Crookers is at it again, and they make this pop that pussy bootleg to get wild too. This track is a crowd started. Bass will make her dance!

All this twerk shit, we need a little riddim up in here. Shake them hips too. No one gets it poppin with them latinas like Javier Estrada. Enjoy!

This one is for the Latina Ratchets that fucks with 3ball. If you about hoppin and pussy poppin, then you can fucks with this shit right hurr.

If your girl ratchet and fucks with Skrillex, then look no further. We got you set with this Philly Club remix by DJ SEGA.

Dat Dude sliink aint to be fuck with. He keeps it hard with the tracks. Sliink you can fucks my bitch and give her back.


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