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Ultra Music Festival Lineup

TiltAdmin on January 25, 2013 - 10:07 am in Nightlife

Ultra Music Festival has decided to eliminate any questions if they are the top music festival in America. They have literally booked everyone in Electronic music and we are still not done with the whole lineup. If you ever wanted to see every Electronic artist that has made it on a top 100 DJ list, then this is your chance. The Miami weather, beautiful women, amazing visuals, and amazing music. I will note that UMF has made a small attempt to diversify their lineup and include Rappers, Bands, and more. They not only targeted the big names, but have booked the more well known artists of niche genres like Trap, Moombahton, and Deep House. Expect this festival to only get better and diversified as time passes on. Check out the full line up and get your tickets at: http://www.ultramusicfestival.com


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