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Goin’ Hard – Ignant Edition

TiltAdmin on February 1, 2013 - 12:41 am in Uncategorized
[DISCLAIMER: If you aint bout that trap life, then dont read further]
So we keepin it Ignant as fuck right now, PLUR DOE <3, We love to bring the ratchet shit, the trap shit, and keep it 1 hunnid at the SAME DAMN TIME! We got some of the realist shit to get your local twerk team to sleep with you and snort that pure MDMA off yo nip. We call that the nip bump. We bout to white girl this bitch with coke music. So enjoy these beats, while i enjoy these internet sucias. PLUR ME THE FUCK OUT!
Sometimes them Sucias be killin the vibe and you gots to like tell a hoe “Bitch dont kill my vibe!” and sometimes they listen. However this is a track that uses new electronic synths and drum edit to make it more turn up friendly. Enjoy!

So This dude be the ratchet Wrangler and he proud of dat. So i thought i would check out one of his videos. This song is about getting turnt up to the point your gonna black out, but hopefully a Sucia on da dick while it happens. So after this video induced seizure i realized this shit bangs harder then William Hong.

This young Cholo from the barrio Jonny Chino stay in da Trap. Trap Game, Vicente Fernandez. He gets all the Latina Sucias and damn they love dat dudes magic twix. He knows how to get a Latina to dance. (No bandz needed) and he teamed up with LA’s Sucio team for this remix. It gots that moombah flavor with a bit of the original trap. Trapathon the future. Get wit it.

Did you think we were done with that Trapathon? Damn finally a trap song Moombahtoned the fuck out for the ratchets. Ratchetry can now commence on new levels with this track. Dutch Synths, Trap original, with an added moombah edit to make this track next level.

So this next Cat is Swag for days. Last name Khan, First Name Valentino. That some James bond ish right hurr. So his latest track features some international Bollywood Swag on this Trap track. Would Ghandi cook to this? idk, but im guessing he would doe. Lazer synths, a trap beat, and a familiar synth from Valentino Khan that reminds me of the OG Cali stuff this dude use to put out.

So we had to keep it chill for my Chi Town homies. Bringing that future Juke Bass ish. You know when you hittin the blunt in a cypher and you tryna get all metaphorical n shit. Dig it. Real amazing melody sample, and Juke is an intense style of drum patterns, so Kudos to Juke Ellington!

Time to head back to da roots of ratchetry, grinding, and twerking! Jamaica Man! yeah they started this shit, so we got to show them some love. You bout that twerk life or any shit that involves a girl then fux with dancehall!

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