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Monday Flavors – Valentine Edition

TiltAdmin on February 11, 2013 - 10:47 pm in Uncategorized
Valentine’s day is this week. The time to cuddle up with a lover is ever more present this week. We enjoy seeing people in love and want to see more love in the air. We have decided to give you a round up that reflects the special occasion. So if your with a lover or dreaming of loving someone, here is the music for you! 

Neo Tokyo is half of the Planet Rock duo. He has made some hidden gems and i recently discovered these two latest works. Really good and smooth tracks. Definitely, can play these songs in the bedroom.

Blue Version has recently made splashed with his edits and remixes of artists like Flume and JAcques Greene. You can’t help, but like these edits. Brings so much lofi flavor.
Here’s the original track with video. Very smooth and catchy.
Here are more upbeat tracks that you can play with this Valentine.
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