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Fresh Friday!

TiltAdmin on March 22, 2013 - 9:52 am in Uncategorized
This Edition of Fresh Friday, we feature some real bass heavy tracks. Eveything from Moombahton, Club, Trap, and more. 
Set it off with this banging remix of Diplos smash hit Set it off!

Some Moombahton for your ears and boy its tropical. A little on the heavy side.
A really sick Trapstyle beat. The synth is infectious and well designed with the percussions.
An interesting mashup that will et you dancing and feeling gold. You will definitely be sweatin after this.
OOkay has been receiving mad endorsements from the likes of Borgore and has released a steady stream of amazing trap tracks. This star wars sample is amazing. When geek meets Thug. Darth was a thug though. It’s a Trap!
Snoop Lion is bringing that rasta love in this track. No guns allowed is a blaze one up track. West coast rasta in full effect.
This remix is probably one of the best of Jah No Partial. The Reef can do no wrong and shows us his talent with unique percussions and noises that take you on a journey.
This Bmore remix turns up the original in a Bmore style and becomes fun and more playful.
Cratesz releases this heavy track by Rick Ross and turns it up by remixing it into a trap bubbling banger. Enjoy!

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