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USB Drive Vol 5

TiltAdmin on March 7, 2013 - 7:15 am in Uncategorized
Hey everyone! So i know it has been a minute since i posted and i have been sitting on a bunch of tracks. Excuse my absence, i was sick. Still not 100 percent, but i got to keep up this blogging game. So here are a few tracks (A lot) i have been into. Check them out

Moombahton & Trap

Agressive Moombahton that girls can twerk and shake too.

Dutch House style moombahton trap.

Trap to the future with this hard bass.

Anything Juicy J is good. Enough said.

Damn this is smooth. Major Lazer in a way you haven’t heard before.

Trap from the underground. Grimey and epic.

A rap remix of this Cali classic.


This is one of my favorite remixes to Good Kush and Alcohol.

Really good bmore. It’s coming back dawg!


Salva brings some hood flavor to this House track

Smooth house track. Enjoy!

Old School vibes in this track. Creamy too.

Waze & Odyssey always make great tracks. You don’t even need to question them.

Early Garage house Dubstep style beat. Good stuff.


This is the Booty Anthem! Get wit it!


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