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Option4 – Do Work EP & Bit Funk Remix + Bonus Tracks

TiltAdmin on April 30, 2013 - 8:29 pm in Uncategorized
If one is to move the sound forward you must first define that sound and take it to the next level. OPTION4  from Denver, CO has done just that with his new EP. With a little help from an incredible vocal that slaps you suckas in the face, this track is straight up addicting. I’m personally feeling this Bit Funk Remix a bit more  due to it high energy and uplifting synths. I can tell you one thing though. This will make a huge impression on all the playlists and DJ sets for May. 
We can’t wait to hear more from OPTION4 and our good friend Bit Funk. Be sure to fully support and give these guys some love. We’ll keep you posted. 
If you want some previous releases grab them below.
Mike Woodward

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