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Peter & The Magician – On My Brain EP

TiltAdmin on June 26, 2013 - 9:38 pm in Uncategorized

It has been almost a year since Peter & The Magician produced the epic disco-fied track ‘Memory’. In that time, both Peter (aka – Yuksek) and The Magician have been busy pursuing their, equally successful, solo projects. On their own these talented musicians regurgitate amazing tracks as easy as breathing but when they team up the result is – let’s be cliche – MAGIC!
With the debut of Yuksek’s label Partyfine earlier this month came an onslaught of originals accompanied by an impressive catalog of contributors including, No Lands, Juveniles and – of course – The Magician. It is part of the France native’s effort to be connected with his collaborators and to be “writing music with them, not just for them”. But the crowning jewel of his infant label is the collaborative effort with The Magician on their EP, ‘On My Brain’.
The title track of the EP is a euphoric disco-house hybrid complete with an ample amount of rimshots and scattered hi-hats. Sophie Galpin sings infectious lyrics to round out the track for what will surely be a dancefloor favorite.

Perhaps less pop oriented than the opening track is the dub version of ‘On My Brain’ which shifts the focus from the vocals to squelchy synth riffs that permeate the track with some welcome obscurity. A track to complement each of these producers’ styles and bring forth nostalgic memories of their first hit ‘Twist

‘Peter Pan’ featuring JD Samson stands out as the more experimental of their efforts. Peter Pan touches on darker themes, bringing in hip-hop elements and drones.

All things considered, Partyfine will be a label to watch in the next year with these well-respected producers leading the charge. 

‘On My Brain’ out now on Beatport

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