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Artists Continue to Rise Despite Challenges

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How Artists Like The Bingo Players and Romeo Dunn Make Us All Inspired

It’s always humbling to know that even celebrities we look up to have their own personal challenges to face. What’s inspiring is how they face those challenges to become better people and better icons for the public to look up to. Here’s a glimpse of how two music icons faced their respective obstacles.

 Bingo Players

Dance music duo Paul Bäumer and Maarten Hoogstraten, more popularly known as the  Bingo Players, have recently faced a tremendous challenge in their career as world-renowned DJs. Last July, Paul was diagnosed with cancer. The Bingo Players, whose collective name was derived from a friend whose instant messaging name was “BingoPlayer”, have been considered as one of the forerunners that made the EDM industry really popular and lucrative. “They may take their name from people who play my nan’s favourite game but for Dutch duo Bingo Players that’s where the similarities end. Try and ask them what ‘Kelly’s eye’ or ‘Two fat ladies’ mean and they’ll look bemused, yet ask them about electronic dance music and you won’t be able to shut them up,” Chris Mckay of Independent.co.uk describes the long time music partners. “I will continue to be actively involved in all areas of Bingo Players and Hysteria Records with Maarten. But for the foreseeable future Maarten will be representing both of us on the road, while I’ll be seeking medical treatment as well as working in the studio, taking lead on running our label etc,” Paul states in a message to fans regarding his health issue on their Bingo Players official site

 MC Romeo

Being a popular UK rapper and part of famed garage group So Solid Crew, Marvin Dawkins aka MC Romeo was enjoying the limelight when issues of violence suddenly threatened his music career. As reported by DailyMail.co.uk citing a court hearing, “Former So Solid Crew star Romeo slashed a man during a vicious attack on a fellow night clubber.” According to Sarah Forshaw, member of the prosecuting panel, Romeo rushed to assist friends after the said group got involved in a heated discussion after a night out in London’s West End. Prosecution decided to discontinue the charges on November 2005. Rising from that issue, Romeo worked doubly harder on his career. He joined 2012’s UK Celebrity Big Brother. “The So Solid Crew star had been a popular housemate and was greeted by a cheering and positive crowd as he left the Elstree residence,” UnrealityTV.co.uk reported. He then proceeded to swoon fans, even joining a matchmaking event. As reported by FemaleFirst.co.uk, “In order to launch their Bingo dating, (online gaming community) foxybingo enlisted the help of some of the hottest single TV stars, rappers and Olympians to go on a speed date with 24 luscious ladies.” The speed-dating event mixed in with classic social game bingo gave a boost to Romeo’s celebrity reputation as a very eligible bachelor and ladies-man.


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