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Introducing Velvet Music Group’s: Levphonic & DJ Unwind

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Introducing Velvet Music Group, a music label that focuses on quality unique music over what the commercial scene has deemed ‘trendy’. Covering a wide array of electronic genres from Electronica to Chillstep to Trip-Hop, this group looks to showcase the underrated and over qualified – flexing the best of the underdogs – simply some of the best electronic music artists. Learn about the work of two of their artists Levphonic and DJ Unwind below.

Adapting an airy tone and a reigning spread out quality to his music, Levphonic tracks take listeners on a cosmic journey meant to calm the mind and surround the senses. Deep soundscapes that take you away with every tune. Like a music movie, with no picture. It let’s you lend your own memories to his sounds.
His latest album ‘Everglow‘ combines ethereal production alongside soulful break beats for a head-nodding piece of bliss. ‘Love’ features the chopped up vocals of Lady Jane to compliment the drums and overarching atmospherics of the entire track. We hope you have surround sound! The title track balances beautiful mid-range piano and tropical effects for another mood-altering finish.
Take a listen to a few Levphonic tracks below and look for his album out now on iTunes.
Having his tracks featured in multiple television series,
DJ Unwind is no stranger to jazz oriented electronic beats to pull at one’s emotions. Angelic female vocals and heart-wrenching piano interludes make for spiritually saturated affairs.
‘Autumn Cinema’ has an opening that sounds, probably not ironically, like the classic THX movie introheard in most modern theaters before breaking into a layering of guitar solos and organ riffs. It is a refreshing take on the trip-hop genre which usually takes heat for its repetitive use of sampled break beats and rhythms.
Check out DJ Unwind’s highly thematic tracks below and show your support by purchasing the them on iTunes.

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