/ / James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) produces Arcade Fire’s track ‘Reflektor’

James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) produces Arcade Fire’s track ‘Reflektor’

TiltAdmin on September 9, 2013 - 7:30 pm in Uncategorized

Regardless of which name you recognize from the header, it is safe to say that the next Arcade Fire album will be slightly more electrified than what most indie-philes would expect. ‘Reflektor’ leaked earlier today and is produced by none other than LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

The track is impossibly layered – drawn out strings on top of AF’s beautiful harmonies on top of disco hi-hats and piano rhythm and – as rumor has it – accompanying vocals from David Bowie! ‘Reflektor’ hints at a new direction for the group and exposes their poetic style to a sphere of new electronic music fans.

‘Reflektor’ is scheduled for official release at 9 p.m. (9/9 @ 9 p.m.) today to accompany the group’s album announcement. With so much rumor and hype surrounding the album – we have no doubt that there will be many more surprises to usher the release to the top of the charts.

Check out the preview video below and hear the entire leak here.

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