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 Symbols Records founder Kastle, looks poised to make his mark in the burgeoning North America scene and hold his own with any UK producers who claim rights to the future sound of garage music.

His sounds is like a sexy bassy trip. This is the bass music your whole family will love. He has remixes to which one could easily get into their swerve. From slow dubby beats to sped up amens, it’s all slathered in deep, sexy bass and mixed with precision. Packed with swagger, this mix is sure to be in heavy rotation for some time to come.

Recently Kastle took a jab at Drake’s “Hold on, we’re going home”. Just when I thought I was already tired of listening to this track. Kastle made me love the song once again. It seems like everything he touches is golden. Its like he gots the MIDAS TOUCH!

Below take a listen for yourself:  
 I’ve been fortunate to been following Kastle since his bmore days and now really looking forward to what he and Symbols Records have in store for us these following years. For the people in Europe make sure you catch him as he makes his rounds in Europe.

Heres a preview to:
Symbols Records “Parables Volume One”

Make sure to say whats up to Kastle and any other Symbol affiliates below:

Lastely make sure to support them and buy their music below:


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