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SOULECTION’S Radio Show #145

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The Sound of Tomorrow is defiantly a great way to describe Soulection. Based about of LA, California. They bring something new to the table especially if your tried of hearing Dubstep or Trap music (ha). Co-Founder and Head of A&R Joe Kay has been doing an awesome job with choosing the right people to build their sound. Artist like Esta, Mr.Carmack, Sango, and Ta-Ku just to name a few.

Soulection and their artist host a Radio Show which showcases future-bass, percussion, deep bass-lines, and eclectic soul all mixed into one through Radio Station KKJZ 88.1 FM HD3*

*If you have a smart phone, DL Kbeach’s FREE app to tune in:

Now for what all yall been waiting for, here’s 
Soulection Radio Show #145

Hope you’ve enjoyed that, make sure to show Soulection some love at their sites below.

Lastely make sure to support them and buy their music below:

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