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[Stream] Night Drive – Position I EP // Los Angeles Show with Tesla Boy

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Night Drive – born out the collective disbandment of MoTel Aviv and Glasnost – is a two part band on a mission to change electro-pop as we know it. Position I is the group’s first EP and includes five original tracks packed with shimmering retro synths and vocals laden with love and fantasy. Stream the full EP below.

The tracks – ‘Nocturnal’ especially – have a sound reminiscent of The Faint with the same contradictory upbeat tempos that belie the lyrics’ darker tendencies. They are ready-made for either a night drive or evening of twisted dance floor debauchery. ‘After Dark’ opens with a thick bass guitar intro that fit perfectly alongside crooning lyrics of desire and submission. All in all, a stunning EP that should not be overlooked by anyone who considers themselves a true electro-pop audiophile.

Head to the Night Drive Bandcamp to grab a copy of the EP at a pay-what-you-can price and be sure to catch the group performing alongside Tesla Boy this Saturday at Los Globos in Los Angeles.

9/7/13 – Tesla Boy & Night Drive @ Los Globos

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