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Doobious x Bazooka – Magalenha

TiltAdmin on October 25, 2013 - 8:52 pm in Uncategorized

I’m going to be completely subjective here and just say that this new collaboration “Magalenha” by Doobious and Bazooka is one of the hardest, cleanest, most fresh tracks I’ve heard in a while. So yeah, just know that I guess ha!

I was talking to Doobious about the release and he said some cool shit. Interesting story behind this collab for sure. Read on…

The first time I heard of Bazooka was in early 2011 when the regional Red Bull Thre3Style took place in Zurich, Switzerland. He went on to become vice world champion in the world finals in Vancouver. At the time I slowly started producing tracks, but was mainly DJing in some of the major cities in Switzerland. We then really first met at a gig we played together and then remained in contact. Early this year my productions started to get “popular” and people around here really liked my stuff (I think it all started with the Stuntin Like My Daddy Trapleg). We both participated at this years Red Bull Thre3Style national final where he rocked it and placed first again, whereas I didnt even make the top 3, haha. Was a cool experience though.

That night we decided to do something together and few weeks later we made ‘Candy Shop’ which had good success around here, got blogged a few times and made around 1000 downloads to date. So it was only natural that we made ‘Magalenha’ a few weeks ago! Clearly the track is south america influenced as Bazooka toured South America in 2012 and I am half Colombian, so I like that stuff anyways! We are really happy with the result and feedback so far has been awesome. Further collaborations should follow I guess.

Enjoy “Magalenha” below!

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