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TiltAdmin on October 24, 2013 - 8:58 am in Nightlife
IHC Presents: has been bring the fiyaahhh for a minute now! With Mastermind Frankie Chan behind it, its no doubt you will enjoy these events. On Oct. 24th 2013, I will have the privilege to coast and party with these amazingly talented individuals!
With a lineup like no other, make sure your ready to be hypnotized into some quality music. Each one on this roster has their own individual twist of R&B, house, garage, future bass, catchy synths and well put together rolls, snares and kicks!
So where should I start off, so you can have an idea of what your going to experience with this;


Representin’ Canada, Kaytranada is defiantly making noise with his catchy sets. They’ll make you wanna boogie down to the dancofloor. Then next thing you know, your clapping your hands with him. Below is one of my newest favorites, “AT ALL” . Press play and straight chill with this one;
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1/2 of LOL BOYS or BODYHIGH.  Jerome LOL is no new comer. He’s defiantly has been putting in work! I love how he mashes up any genre and kills it. I’ve been fortunate of following him for awhile and he never seem to stop having fun at what he does. Which a lot of djs/artist forget to do these days.
Here he got a popular LA track “Paranoid” and made a better banger out of it!
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For a minute i was like, damn I’m missing my GOOMBAHWAVE! Dont get me wrong Morri$ has been on the grind since day one but I was like where is he at? I was missing him like, I was missing my Spank Rock. But regardless I cant forget bout this cat because he brings out the feel good music. Here’s one his newly produced tracks for Kelela that will defiantly make you bob your head!
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Represntin TEAMSUPREME, Colta is defiantly moving up the charts. With a strong team and talent behind him. This guy will be headlining alot of events in time to come. Yesterday he was part of a big get together with HW&W and right after the No Peer Pressure Tour in LA. He will be showcasing at 4th Annual Asylum with alot of big names. Click name of event for more info and press play on this one he made with Mike Gao.  BANG!
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I’m sure I will see a lot of other talented djs/producers there, just because of this lineup. Also with supports by ArntreLA this event is defiantly the place to be at on Thurs, Oct 24th!
LASTLY, make sure to stay posted to Tilt as I will love to tell you how the night turned out or best yet
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