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Damn, theres really not one sound to describe Them Flavors. They range anywhere from Tech-House, Ghetto Bass, Booty Bounce, Minimal Garage etc etc. To sum it all up, they can really move your feet! Their sound could be heard anywhere from a chill lounge night to a big-room bass night. With an awesome roster of djs/producers. I believe they will be headlining many events in the near future…What I would like to do is showcase one track for each artist so you can hear what they have in store for us.
Up first, is the homie Equator Club; not to limit his sound but I love how he has a passion for R&B but adds a nice touch of bass, snares and kicks. He recently released an amazing 3 track EP. 
So make sure to copp it and check out his original below.
Make sure to checkout his social networks, and hear his music below:

Next up is, Redwood; This guy is amazingly talented in singing/ songwriting. When it comes to indie, chillwave music, this guy is defiantly up there. I’m looking forward to what he brings to the TF table.
Make sure to checkout his social networks , and hear his music below:

I can’t forget about Ballast; this talented producer brings the booty bouncing music to the party. Coming from Phoenix, AZ. This guy loves to sample hits and twerk them into his own sound. I recently been putting him into my sets and the crowd goes crazy. Check it out for yourself;
Make sure to checkout his social networks, and hear his music below:
 Last but defiantly not least, Aztek; what I love about this guy is that he can get some hypnotizing vocals and make you melt with his unique sound. Not to compare him but he reminds me of Kastle. I can defiantly see him doing big things with Them Flavors. Check out one of his newest previews.
Make sure to checkout his social networks, and hear his music below:

Also make sure to catch Them Flavors at one of these events;

All in all, Them Flavors is too dope! I will defiantly keep up with them and bring you all their talent/ music. I’m also going to do individual features on each one of their artist so you can get to know them more personally.
for making all this happen!

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