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Justin Faust – Interview // California Show / Discotexas Record Release Party

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German DJ/Producer based in Munich, Justin Faust is DJing worldwide, brilliantly igniting dance floors as well as efficiently producing tracks among the Discotexas Label. He recently put on fire the Wanderlust club – Cité de la mode ( Paris ) with one of the most clean and energy full DJ set we attended this summer. He’s about to backslide next Friday in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of his next single Space Rhumba. Justin Faust is offering an exclusive interview for TILT and Diese05.com
Hello Timm ! I can’t stop thinking about the show you offered few weeks ago with your Discotexas fellows. My friends and I were very impressed by the quality of your set. I think we may have been a little jealous by your DJ set. Can you tell us more about your DJing tricks and skills ?
Oh wow, well glad you liked it. Actually I don’t think I’m using any special tricks or that I’m a super skilled DJ. First and foremost I really love the music that I DJ and I try to let the people feel that. And you know, once they realize that this guy is not just pushing some buttons but is actually loving what he does, that’s when they can get into the music.
So what kind of atmosphere can we expect for your release party, next Friday in Los Angeles ? Facebook Event
Well I hear it’s a rather compact venue, so I guess it will be all sweaty and tropical!
This will be the release party of your Space Rhumba track. What is the story of this single ?
I came across a sample and was instantly hooked. So I worked on it and had this idea for a hook, but something was still missing. That’s when I realized that I should record some vocals, which I did and which in my opinion gives the track a very nice touch. So I sent an early demo to Moullinex and he loved it (something that is quite rare for this dude, let me tell you), then I finished it and we decided to release it on Discotexas.

You started producing music two decades ago. How do you feel today when you’re looking back to all you’ve done ?
Lots of amazing stuff happened, lots of missed opportunities too, lots of mistakes were made .. but all in all I’m very proud where I am now and what I have accomplished. After all I don’t take any of this for granted and I plan to make music for the rest of my life anyway.
You are traveling a lot for your gigs, so we’d like to know which are your favorite music places among Paris, Los Angeles and your hometown Munich ?
Gotta say, Paris is one amazing city, just think about the history it has with this kind of music. LA has a very special place in my heart as well, I also fell in love with Hong Kong … damn so many cool cities. Munich, unfortunately, is not so much into my kind of sound, so I rarely ever play there.
Ho yeah, what’s your favorite drink when you are partying ?
Bourbon. When it’s late Red Bull.
And when I’m responsible: water. Just kidding.

Few numbers about Justin Faust

Almost 17.000 likes on Facebook
70 tracks on Soundcloud with 12.000 followers
1 Manager (very sympathetic): Magdalena

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