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TILT Interview: Sharkoffs

TiltAdmin on October 29, 2013 - 11:09 pm in Featured

Sharkoffs is a beast. He’s the masked producer that’s been storming the scene since he made his debut late last year. Based in Miami, his collection of music on SoundCloud is almost a go-to spot, sort of staple for fans seeking good electro-house with outlandish originals like “Japanese Steel” and even crazier remixes for the likes of Lady Gaga and Phoenix, even System Of A Down. His latest release is a special holiday treat, tribute to The Nightmare Before Christmas. A must have. Find that below, and further down we caught up with the man behind the shark mask and asked him a few questions.

TILT: Yo yo Mr. Sharkoffs… How you living, sir? Where you at these days?

I’m living pretty good haha, just swimming around, stalking some local swimmers, ending up in Chinese soups, you know the drill. But when i’m not doing my regular shark duties, i’m in my studio working on new tracks and remixes. I’ve been trying to become more consistent with my releases, so the goal is to have something out at least once a month.

Where’d you get that sick ass helmet? Ever had sex in it?

I had it custom built a few different times until I got it just right. Hah, I’ve been asked to put it on before, apparently some girls are really into that kind of stuff. To this day no one has been convincing enough to actually get me to do it, but you never know what can happen…

When are you coming back to California? And where?

I’m getting the next West Coast tour together really soon, i’m definitely going to make some stops in LA and San Fran for sure.

What’s the dopest show you’ve played? Any one particular story you can share with us?

Dopest show was definitely Adventure Club and I in Hawaii, never seen a crowd go so crazy to all the unreleased stuff I was testing. They were also the first crowd to ask for autographs which was super cool. There is a video on my youtube channel that shows how insane the show actually was. Yeah I have a good story of an epic fail/win. One of my first big shows was opening for Steve Aoki, it was a full house, at least 2,000 people, probably more. So i’m super nervous, it’s my first big show, and the damn stage is wobbly. And i’m not talking a little wobbly, I’m talking the titanic sinking wobbly. To add to that this was before I had my “good” Shark helmet, so I was struggling with the thing fogging up and sweating like a beast. So now that we understand what I was going through, I can get on with the story. I was about halfway through my set playing some track with a crazy long buildup, and just as its about to drop I jump in the air and as I come down the stage decides to give me an ungodly wobble and I accidentally slam my master fader all the way down. So the whole place goes quiet, dead silence, no music. BUT, my in ear monitors are hooked up to my mixer which is still playing music, so i’m going crazy jamming out for a good 4 or 5 seconds while the whole club is dead silent. Finally I notice and as quick as I can I turn the fader back up and somehow it happened at the perfect moment which made it seem like II did it on purpose and the whole club went nuts…Yeah I still cringe thinking about how rough that could have been.

How many titties have you seen from behind the decks?

None, I cant see shit in this damn thing!

What’s new with you on the music front? EP? Album? Video?

I’ve got a TON, of unreleased tracks that have just been picked up by some pretty big labels, there’s even some stuff coming out that’s meant for the radio, can’t say much more then that…but be ready.

What’s a fan gotta do or say to meet you?

Just tweet me and say you’re part of Finonymous. I promise I’ll make it happen, especially after a show. Hell I’ll even bring you some free merch.

Anything else you wanna say here, exclusively for our TILT readers?

If you read TILTMag you’re a beast. Any blog with a background straight out of Neopets earns bonus points in my book.

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