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TILT Premiere: Van Marda – ‘Therapy’ EP

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In early 2013 my mate Aaron had just moved in to the inner suburbs of Sydney with his girlfriend and had begun a new life working at a bar in Surry Hills, worlds away from his home in the Central Coast. I had just started an audio production course at a private college after deciding that my engineering degree wasn’t really working out, and in my spare time was working on my own material. I spent afternoons in my parent’s backyard studio in the Northern Beaches using a modest setup I had been putting together over the years as i began dedicating myself to really honing my craft.

We pooled the gear we had from our previous bands and at the suggestion of our mutual friend Jake decided to try recording some stuff. We ended up jamming out some ideas and found out very quickly that our partnership was something really special. The next two months Aaron would spend waking up at the crack of dawn so he could come to my house for six or so hours that was a blur of jamming, tracking and production all at once, and then inevitably we would have to go off to our night shifts at work and start it again the next day.

It was a crazy time in our lives and all the things that we were going through ended up creating the sounds and mood of the music we made. At times it was simply THE most gratifying musical experience when we could feel a song materialize in front of us, and at others just the most soul crushingly dark atmosphere in that room with Aaron. In the end I guess all we wanted to do was put out a release that really spoke to people and in that regard we got exactly what we wanted and I think there are people out there who need to hear this.” – Van Marda

I absolutely love hearing the whole story behind a release, especially when it’s as good and fulfilling as Van Marda‘s brand new Therapy EP. You can listen to an EP like this on its own and your mind will definitely paint itself a beautiful landscape, but when you can understand the feeling and atmosphere that was a part of its creation, that landscape somehow seems more detailed and real.

Enjoy a preview of the entire Therapy EP below.

Pick up Therapy at Bandcamp.

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