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Audego’s ‘Beneath the Static and the Low’ Album

TiltAdmin on November 22, 2013 - 12:49 am in Uncategorized

Just the other day we were sharing Audego‘s awesome new video for their new single “Fight” which comes off their sophomore album Beneath the Static and the Low. It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t share the whole package with you, so skip down below to get straight to it. 😉

After hearing “Fight”, I just needed more. The vintage synths with the deep-rooted hip hop vibes was too real to have such a small dose.

The album is a sonic progression for the duo, studded with old-fashioned harmonies and intimate vocals, preserved in the amber murk of retro synths and clattering percussion. Beneath the Static and the Low showcases the diverse musicianship of Big Fella and Paso Bionic. Songs range from boisterous cacophonies to the muted snippet of a vinyl skip. Deeper and darker than its predecessor yet warmer and sweeter, it is the result of twelve months of intricate song-writing and musical exploration.

Click here to stream the album in its entirety. And below is another single off the album called “Sleepy” that you definitely can’t miss. Enjoy and be sure to find Audego on Facebook and Twitter.

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