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James Dean Claitor – Invisible Man

TiltAdmin on November 3, 2013 - 8:06 pm in Uncategorized

James Dean Claitor is a singer, songwriter, composer making sweet music out of Hanalei, HI. When I first heard his latest creation, “Invisible Man” performed by Paul Fauerso, I felt like I had found funk for the first time. You might trip out too, because you’re not going to hear the usual electronic beats you’re probably too used to. No, you’re going to hear real instruments and Mr. Fauerso pouring his soul out over the rhythms. Wait till the solo and rolling drums come in though. Phewf.

If you dig through James Dean Claitor’s collection of sounds, you’ll find some more gems like “Second Chance”, a collaboration with Michel Martineau. And don’t forget “Big Brother” with Mark Dorricott. There’s so much more music for you to find from the man if you want to. Visit his SoundCloud, find him on ReverbNation, or peruse all his releases on iTunes.

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