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Mansions on the Moon – Full Moon EP

TiltAdmin on November 6, 2013 - 9:49 pm in Uncategorized

Mansions on the Moon have released their third EP and it is a stunning mix of collaborations and genre influences. With support from DJ Benzi, Diplo and having their last album executive produced by Pharrell Williams – it is clear that this group is a tastemaker favorite.

The title track steers clear of any sappy pop connotation to favor a decidedly indie electro flavor. Lead vocals howl alongside easy tempos and you can almost imagine a wolf crooning love ballads to the full moon.
Ted Wendler‘s drawn out vocals tell stories of love’s loss that fit perfectly alongside equally sustained, atmospheric chord progressions. ‘It’s Not Too Late’ has a little bit of everything to resonate with its listeners. Big airy vocals and synths to a catchy chorus that grabs you.

‘More Than Nothing’ and ‘Heart of the Moment’ feature the amazing vocal talent of Codi and Zee Avi which add another level of heartbreak to the entire album. The interplay of female vocals alongside Wendler’s own voice paint a story that is made all the more evocative with interspersed piano notes and an unwavering rhythm.

Another great release from the Los Angeles Natives. It is the perfect mix of indie flare with a healthy dose of retro electo-pop vibes. Be sure to listen to all the tracks below and show your love to these rising stars.

The new album is up for grabs here: https://mansionsonthemoon.bandcamp.com/
The band decided for their fans to name their own price for the album. Be sure to treat the guys right and download it now! Also be sure to give them some love on their Facebook here!

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