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TILT Premiere: What Model Citizens – ‘Ohn E Amas’ Album

TiltAdmin on November 4, 2013 - 4:56 pm in Uncategorized

Brooklyn’s Alex Musto aka What Model Citizens caught some cool attention back in May with his “Coming For Me” single and video that paved the way for his third album, Ohn E Amas, which is available now with a very nice “name your price” option.

Sharp synth punctuations, frenzied beats, and an overbearing sense of paranoia permeate throughout What Model Citizens’ exciting new record. Wild and exhilarating, Ohn E Amas distills Alex’s unique electronic sound to a danceable storm and firmly places What Model Citizens in New York’s post-punk electroclash traditions.

Below you’ll find a few choices from the album, including the aforementioned “Coming For Me” single, “Too Late” my personal favorite with additional vocals by Brie McCabe, and the anthemic “Acts of Sound”. Three must haves. Stream the entire album here and download it here!

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