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TILT Spotlight: Johnny Roxx

TiltAdmin on November 15, 2013 - 8:26 pm in Uncategorized

Johnny Roxx, pictured above with a super sexy blow-up doll, is the man. Far away from mono-sonic club sounds, the dude has a very unique, diverse style. Dancehall meets house meets mash up meets urban elements… Mr. Roxx plays what brings fun to everyone. His roots go back to the year 1998 where he was known as DJ Slice. He’s definitely been around the block and knows the business, working his way into the hands of Red Bull, grabbing nominations for Swiss Nightlife Awards, and collaborating with a myriad of talents. He’s one of those guy’s that’s just got it.

Below you’ll hear just a glimpse, some highlighted cuts from his entire music collection. We’ve got a huge remix of Beenie Man’s “Sim Simma”, a straight booty-bouncer called “If I Can’t Twerk” which is a dope reimagining of 50 Cent’s classic, and “Bad Gyal Bad Man” my personal favorite. Enjoy all three below and be sure to find more of Johnny Roxx’ music on SoundCloud.

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