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William Carney’s Free ‘Interstadio Radio’ Album

TiltAdmin on November 5, 2013 - 4:46 pm in Uncategorized

I came across William Carney‘s brand new Interstate Radio album late last week and have been happy ever since. I usually keep things pretty objective here but let me just say that this album would be king of the electronic underground were there a throne. It’s really cool. And it’s got such a wide range of sounds and atmospheres and you can totally pick and choose different ones for different moods. Like, you could lay back and see stars when you listen to “Steps” or “Big Brother”, or you could just straight boogie down hard to “I Feel Good” or “Head”. I don’t know but the album is completely free so you can download it and tell me what you do with it when you listen to it.

Mr. Carney says of Interstate Radio, “Interstate Radio is a collection of 12 songs I wrote during my summer off from school. It features a total of 16 artists including Ray Charles, James Brown, Basement Jaxx, Outkast, and The Sugarhill Gang. I also brought in a handful of close friends to record in my studio. The music represents a blend of electronic, hip-hop, alternative, and jazz styles.” Again, it’s really cool, and you can stream the whole thing here.

Enjoy some choice selections from the record below, and be sure to find William Carney on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter.

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