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Box of Wolves – Hello (Free Download)

TiltAdmin on December 16, 2013 - 8:21 pm in Uncategorized

Box of Wolves is a hybrid 90s summer Nostalgia/Chill/Synthwave music project nursed by Gabriel Akinrinmade out of the whims of his sundry synth modulator experiments in Winnipeg, Canada. Highly reminiscent of the sounds of Teen Daze, Com Truise, and Washed Out, Box of Wolves, even to bottom-tier music aficionado, runs like a non-obnoxious transcendental LSD alt-party set list. His music is wonderful to be completely serious, and it’s everything that we enjoy here at TILT.

Gabriel says of his new track, “‘Hello’ is one of the four transitional tracks I’ve released between summer and now. I wanted to combine my love for Chillwave with Nu-Disco. I think these are the sounds I wanted to use to define Box of Wolves which will be seen in coming projects. I don’t have much details yet as we are still in the mastering stages, but I am pretty excited about the track and the remixes.” That makes at least two of us! Check out “Hello” below and find Box of Wolves on Facebook.

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