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TILT Presents FUTURE BASS w/ Blood Diamonds (OWSLA) | Penthouse Penthouse (TeamSupreme) | BRRRANG-a-DANG (HAM on EVERYTHING) | Esgar (IZWID) | Slick Trilla | Knite Watch

TiltAdmin on December 9, 2013 - 6:00 pm in Nightlife
TILT is back with a another installment of some amazing music at Los Globos.

This time we decided to choose the cream of the crop, and the best of L.A.’s Future Bass Music. We have put our best foot forward in bringing you an eclectic mix of producers who are absolutely fire right now. Coming with a future sound of Hip Hop // Bass // Trap// Trill // Soul // R&B // Footwork // Future Beats. These artists have all been at it slaying it and TILT decided to fully back these guys by putting them on our very first Future Bass Bill. This is going to be a huge night for Bass Music in L.A.!

aka Mike Diamond has been cranking out some sick tunes since 2011. Some with a few people you may know like Charli XCX and our personal favorite collabo he did with Grimes! Breaking through with his various styles he was recognized by OWSLA and was recently picked up by the label. His latest two releases on the label has progressed deeper into a Future Bass Music vibe which is the number one reason why we are having this groundbreaking artist headline our bill. We can only imagine where he will take us next with his music after touring with the likes of Pretty Lights and Alvin Risk.

Penthouse Penthouse aka Preston James & Mike Parvizi aka PAPI founders of the beat cypher project called TeamSupreme are certainly on top of their game, coming strong with that L.A. sound, the guys definitely rep Los Angeles PROPER! The great thing about Penthouse Penthouse is that they flex various styles well. We at TILTmag have become a big fan of not only their production but their eclectic mixtapes that flex their knowledge of great music. Have it be R&B Summer Vibes, to Trill Trap // Future Bass Beats that rumble your subs just right the boys have it covered. Something a little different then most DJ’s would put together. Something along the lines of Madlib vs Dilla meets Flylo. Genius move in our point of view. Can you get down? Peep game.

Our homie Uncle Dee & Adam Weiss founders of Ham On Everything (HOE) join forces that bring you the hardest shit on the planet. A force to be reckoned with, you can’t step to this swag. Whatchu know about dat Trap Shit, Pretty Boy Music, Based Music, Swag, Shit for Ratchet Bitches to twerk dat a$$ & pop that pussy too. If you know then we’ll see you there, if you don’t know… here is a little preview… Our personal fav from Uncle Dee.

hailing from Oxnard, California has been touring all over Europe and even dropping in on a few Boiler Room sessions. Recently signed to IZWID, Esgar is on that Future Bass tip, flexing his footwork on the beat machine and straight slaying it. His meditative, hypnotic dub and electronica vibes are out now on his self-titled debut EP launch Kutmah’s IZWID imprint. Expect an assured and experimental mission statement from this album.

Slick Trilla
What do you get when you mix a world class Drum N Bass producer, two young and very experienced SoCal DJ’s who have been running the rave scene, all teaming up to create that next sound? You get the Trill and smooth sounds of Slick Trilla. From the Great Depths of the databass.dj laboratory Three Esoteric Alchemists emerged with one common goal in mind: Conscious Trap Music & Trill Wave. Livin life to the Trillest! This L.A. based group flexes what L.A. can do with Trap if you make it sexy and foward thinking. This is the sound of Future Bass // Trill. If you don’t know, now you know.

Knite Watch
This young L.A. Producer has been featured on Plastician’s Rinse FM mix and has also been highlighted by our friends at TeamSupreme. Knite Watch has been developing a fresh new sound with elements of Future Bass // Funk & Future Beat. A rising producer that we think will blow you away. We can’t wait to see where he takes us next with his wild style. All we know is it is going to be a sick ride. If these are the future sounds of L.A. we are going to take the world by storm. Shit, and we’re just getting started….

Mike Woodward

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