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TILTmag Exclusive Premiere! FUTURECOP! – Misanthropist Wolf // Remix by F.O.O.L. & NEW ALBUM!

TiltAdmin on December 12, 2013 - 11:29 pm in TiltMag Exclusives

Our good friends from the UK are back! Futurecop! is ready to unleash their new album TOMORROW! Luckily, for you, we have the exclusive!  Futurecop!, the heroes of the future past, and ambassadors of the 90s & 80s. Bring you the vintage, feel good times, are reminding you it’s time. Time to stop and reminisce with their sound of epic synths and a beat in tune with your heartbeats. Now is the time to celebrate. Celebrate the time that is frozen in time, reliving those moments and taking us all back.

This new album “HOPES, DREAMS & ALIENATION” has so many layers of greatness. Some amazing special guests featured on the album as well. Our personal favorites are of course the instrumental tracks especially Misanthropist Wolf and the amazing, EPIC remix by F.O.O.L , but we have to say the track that Kristine is featured on “Superheros” is totally rad. That shit was featured on MTV as well. Now you know the boys are doing something right! Check out the video below!

We are glad the boys are back. They did an amazing job on this album and we are totally excited to see how it develops. We are anxious to see who will be doing some of their remixes! I’m sure we are all in for a huge treat. We got to hear the full album and we have to tell ya. You are all going to be floored! Not only have Futurecop! kept with their retro feel they have slowly evolved their sound. Coming solid with the newer sounds of today. A perfect mixture of the two worlds. We can’t wait to see them live and to hear their new tunes on the big festival sound systems!


out 13 Dec 2013. PRE-ORDER : http://bit.ly/198DFlZ

Mike Woodward


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