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Anonymous Electronica – Rethink, Possible (Album Review)

TiltAdmin on January 15, 2014 - 7:46 pm in Uncategorized
Anonymous Electronica released his first official album called Rethink, Possible on New Year’s Day. I’ll tell you what… When I pushed play on the very first track “We Are Alive” off the 9-track LP, I was immediately taken away by it. Really unique and thoughtful productions that play more like epic soundtracks than generic fist-pumping 128bpm tracks (I suppose I went into this album with some prejudice).

The man behind the Guy Fawkes mask says, The true vibration of music can not be described in words, only heard but more importantly felt. The drop of the beat, the sting of a snare, the warmth of a chord; are just sounds until they are touched by the human heart. This is my story, this is my sound.

Stream the whole album at SoundCloud.

Or find our favorite cuts off the record below including the awesome intro and outro, a darker one and a lighter one. All good!

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