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FRESH: SecLuse’s Free ‘Transform’ EP

TiltAdmin on January 28, 2014 - 9:53 pm in Uncategorized
secLuse is the musical partnership of David Sullivan and Andrea McKenzie. David and Andrea have set out to develop their own blend of melodic down-tempo electronic music. The Melbourne based duo create detailed productions and arrangements, and have worked hard to develop a carefully crafted sound that’s all their own. You’ll hear this immediately when you push play on their incredible intro to the EP, “Lawless”, below.
The duo have spent nearly 2 years developing their music and performance, an effort that led to ‘Transform’ which is available for free download now. Through a fascinating pattern of samples, analog drum beats, layers of synthesizers, guitars and Andrea’s warm and heartfelt lead vocals,
the new tracks showcase a compelling blend of old school house bass lines, 80s pop shades and UK garage and dubstep grooves with a down-tempo feel.
Enjoy the whole thing below, and be sure to follow these guys on SoundCloud for more as it comes.

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