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Slack Armada – Slack Armada EP

TiltAdmin on January 3, 2014 - 11:12 pm in Uncategorized

Here we have a rather spectacular underground release from Slack Armada coming out of Chicago. Beauty runs deep throughout this 4-track EP, immediately drawing awe as you press play on the first track, “Rebirth”. And as you go further in, you won’t be able to escape its tense post-rock/electronica grips with the experimental “Your Majesty”, the heavier “Looper”, and the triumphant finale, “Escape Velocity”. Inspired by artists like Boards of Canada, My Bloody Valentine and Mogwai, project founder James Hrabak plans for this to be the beginning of many EP releases under the Slack Armada moniker. Enjoy the release in its entirety below.

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