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TILT Spotlight: Lucid

TiltAdmin on January 10, 2014 - 12:52 am in Uncategorized
Let me start off this spotlight by saying that as a journalist, publicist, label manager, I get a lot of music submissions. Probably 95% or more of those submissions are from male producers, DJs, bands — hardly ever do I get something from female artists.
It’s such a breath of fresh air to be introduced to a duo like Lucid, not just because they’re two gorgeous ladies… But also because their music is super rad and original.

Lucid is Juliet and Janice from the Netherlands and they make straight soul music. 
Let me say that again… These ladies make SOUL. They call it “Street Soul” to be exact as it blends elements of classic soul with fresher hip-hop and R&B, as explained in an interview with Fiona Bloom
What we have to show you here today is Lucid’s debut single and video for their Super People-assisted “Stranger To Me”, which you can find below. They say the song is “about discovering your true self“. As I listen to it I’m reminded of the relationships I’ve had that made me who I am, finding myself through love. It’s a beautiful song with a lot of emotion that’s translated well into the visual made by Shannon Kanhai. Enjoy.

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