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TILT Spotlight: Multiplier

TiltAdmin on January 4, 2014 - 12:42 am in Uncategorized

23 year-old producer Multiplier has quickly established himself in the dance music world. Real name Adam Pollard, he started producing in early 2011 and has already headlined shows internationally, alongside big names such as Calvertron. He was first known for his moombahton and moombahcore productions, but now he takes influence from a range of genres (dubstep, electro, breaks, progressive), creating tracks and live shows that capture the imagination of those listening, refusing to conform to the rigidity of a narrow sub-genre.

Below we’ve spotlighted a few choice tracks of his that we think you can’t miss out on. You can of course find his extensive collection at SoundCloud, but right now you should push play on “Waffle House”, the titular track off his most recent EP that comes along with “Bass Coils”, my personal favorite of his. And we’ve also got “Jonestown”, a single he dropped last month that takes influence and audio from the Jonestown Massacre (Google it). Pretty gnarly. Enjoy!

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