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TILT Spotlight: Yarin Lidor

TiltAdmin on January 27, 2014 - 9:10 pm in Uncategorized
Man this is a spotlight I’m truly stoked to do. Have you guys heard of this dude Yarin Lidor from Tel Aviv, Israel yet? It’s very possible you may have already since he’s had phenomenal success with his remixes, in particular a “smallroom” take on Jeremih’s “Birthday Sex”
But if you haven’t heard of Yarin Lidor yet, then damn I am happy to introduce you. Below we’ve got a couple more selections from his SoundCloud, which you should follow right now. Everything is so perfectly clubby. This is some of dopest dance music out right now. Check out his most recent mix of Charlotte OC’s “Colour My Heart” along with another big retake on Miguel’s “Girl With The Tattoo”. Enjoy!

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