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7 Songs For Your Any-Night-Ever Playlist

TiltAdmin on February 13, 2014 - 1:55 am in Uncategorized

All it takes is a solid five minutes browsing through Soundcloud to find the latest “hot” mix that combines all the tracks you’re probably listening to right now anyway. So why not take the wheel, so to speak, and be in charge of your own musical destiny? I know it can seem daunting to do at first, but come on, there are plenty of options at your disposal in the Double Cross/Falcons post from last week!

But to go further with this concept, this post dives into seven choice tracks that can be used pretty much whenever, wherever, and forever. That means that you will have a damn-difficult time getting sick of them, even if some buffoon decides to hit the repeat button and really rip apart your sound system. But here’s the thing, it’s not only for your next get-together—they’re versatile.

Are you a gamer (like me)? Use it the next time you’re going head-to-head in “Injustice: Gods Among Us” to soundtrack the ensuing beat down of your opponent. Consider yourself a gambling man or woman? Use it to get significantly more excited about your next move, whether that means while playing online (at Bet Fair) or before hitting an actual table (at one of the many Las Vegas casinos). Are you a pretty heavy pre-gamer? Ditch the whole power hour approach and switch things up with these cuts.

Whatever your poison or passion, you cannot go wrong with using at least a handful of these tracks for your next playlist. Guaranteed.

Baauer – “Slip”

Why: Because people need to know that Baauer really isn’t some one-hit wonder made famous by a bunch of people dancing around in costumes to only 30 seconds of one of his songs. Throw “Slip” into your rotation and embrace the bass.

Waka Flocka Flame – “Rooster In My Rari” (TNGHT Remix)

Why: This song is obnoxious, abrasive, and as in-your-face as it possibly gets. Save it for the middle of a playlist when everyone is good and into it, otherwise you could have a few turned-up noses in your direction. Squad.

RL Grime – “Because of U”

Why: Everything about this song showcases why RL Grime is a don that deserves more attention: the shuffling drums, the pitch-shifting vocal samples, the bass… ah, yes.

Brian McKnight – “Anytime” (Kittens Remix)

Why: Kittens is a lesser-known DJ who runs with the HuhWhat&Where clique and really needs to release more music. You’ll agree once you hear her take on this late ’90s R&B classic.

Pretty Lights – “All I’ve Ever Known” (Two Fresh Remix)

Why: Staying heavy on the remix tip, we move on to buzzing Denver brothers duo Two Fresh. While Pretty Lights’ original track is definitely a killer, these two take “All I’ve Ever Known” to an entirely new realm with a well-placed touch of scuzz.

Rustie – “Triadzz”

Why: Because there’s nothing wrong with taking it back (a year or so) to throw one of music’s best producers on here. Before most artists were even thinking of going the minimalist face-melting route, Rustie was doing it with gusto. “Triadzz” simply proves that he’s got an unmatched style.

HWLS – “003”

Why: When he’s not bouncing from one genre to the next on the solo tip, Ta-ku is working with fellow Aussie producer Kit Pop as the duo HWLS. They recently dropped this banger, “003,” with some help from California’s ESTA. If you aren’t yet, be sure to follow these guys … and, of course, throw this on your next playlist.

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