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February is defiantly the month of LOVE and BEAUTIFUL everything. After this long Valentines/ President Weekend. I’m barely having a chance to sit down and listen to some of these quality tunes. And MANN I gotta give it up to this breed of artists/djs/producers coming out with 90’s, R&B, & House influenced tracks! In no particular order I want to showcase some of the artists I think are going to do it big this year!
Up first, Based out of Austin, Texas. MSCLS is defiantly launching off in the right mark. Recently they came out with this awesome mix showcasing their own music alongside some bangers that fit into their sound. With more than 500likes since their launch, I believe they are on the rise! 
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Up next is COASTER, from Diego! Coming straight from his mouth, “Go have sex to my music”. He wasn’t playing. When I pressed play to this track I knew I had to play it on V’day haha. With these slowed down vocals, it will defiantly set the mood. Rumor has it COASTER is moving to LA and if this is so hopefully we can see/hear more of him and he could collab with some of LA’s elite. Enjoy!

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Up next is Kedd Cook. I’ve been following Kedd Cook for awhile now. From LACAVE to PACIFIC FEST and now to start following him again at his new monthly, MAISON. With people like  Page Prod., Techitunes, True Ent., and Trilogy Events behind him. I see big things happening for him in 2014. Below is one of his live mixes he did along with Harvard Bass to give to give you an idea how amazing MAISON will be!

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Last but defiantly not least, VIVACITY. Is back with another banger! This International Playboy originally showcased his “Before & After” EP on our site and we got a great response from it. This time around he remixed Biggie “Nasty Girl” but added his house, chill vibe to it. He released this remix for download on Valentines Day but defiantly can be heard all year around. I’m really looking forward to VIVACITY new music and collabs!

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Artist like VIVACITY, MSCLS, COASTER, & KEDD COOK have been bringing this awesome 90’s, R&B, House vibe back and I see them taking it to the next level. I hope after hearing these artist yall go to their sites LIKE them and show them the support they deserve. As we get more of a demand for this sound, we hope to bring you events with these kinda artist!


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