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Coldplay – Midnight (LEVI Remix)

TiltAdmin on March 3, 2014 - 3:48 am in Uncategorized


LEVI…We think of Levi Jeans…That’s what LEVI creates an everlasting brand of music.  From France, LEVI definitely puts that romance into his music.  His latest release is a remix he did of Midnight by Coldplay, once you listen to it, you are instantly taken to a utopia.  His use of synths are so soothing to the soul that you will get goose bumps just listening.  LEVI has really proved himself as a producer, he has already had numerous tracks on the top of hypem, he for sure will deliver more and more gems in the time to come.  Have a listen to his Coldplay remix, it will take you to another dimension filled with amazing feelings you thought you never had.

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