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DON’T MISS: Guardate feat. Stan Sax – Downwind

TiltAdmin on March 21, 2014 - 7:47 pm in Uncategorized
To be completely honest with you, whoever happens to be reading this, I don’t know shit about genres. It’s my biggest downfall as a music journalist. I’m willing to acknowledge that. I remember when “moombah” first got big, then “trap”, now it seems it’s “deep house”… The deep house is everywhere now. 

I get the connections between the sounds and the name of the genre, but I don’t get why everything has to fit into a box. I’ve always hated that. Most of the music I fuck with just sounds good, I don’t care what it is. 

This brings me to my ultimate point here, with Guardate hands-down being one of the funkiest “deep house” producers I’ve ever come across. (Keep in mind, we’re sent a shit ton of music, daily.) I dare say he’s one of the best to do it. Take his latest “Downwind” original single featuring Stan Sax, for example. I wouldn’t call this deep house, I’d call this fucking amazing. Go ahead.

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