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Jakarta Records Gems featuring Sango & Kaytranada

TiltAdmin on March 13, 2014 - 5:54 am in Uncategorized

If your looking at the future of music you are probably into Instrumental Music, sampling, crate digging, MPC’s, synthesizers, & turntables. Always searching and looking for that perfect beat. Something to go along with whats going on in your head. That one beat & memory that would go perfectly together. Something with layers, textures and vibes.

Sango recently came out with this Jakarta Records release and absolutely slayed it. Brining together these elements I enjoy. A breath of fresh air. Something that is deep. Outside of the box shit. Reflecting that things just ain’t the same for Gangsta’s. Sango flexes in this tune. Sampling some Bossa Nova, Tribal & Big Strings all while adding his own fresh beats. These are the feels that comes off you. It happens when you breath and live the crate digger life. When you need a canvas and music takes you all the many directions it can. A life of layers, textures and small samples from life.

I have to say I love living in California and taking in not only it’s sun, but it’s musical community is Chicken Soup for the Soul. Straight fuels the soul these days. Lately I’ve been feelin the new works of Penthouse Penthouse, Mr. Carmack, Team Supreme & listen to the Soulection homies in long beach every week. If you haven’t heard of em. Get on it!

It’s almost Friday Bonus.

A few of my favorite KAYTRANDA tracks! Get it!

Mike Woodward

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